Book 1: The Frie Clan || Chapter 22: The First Elder’s Dilemma (3)

“Clan Master… Are you sure its The Sovereign Koi?”

One of the members asked in disbelief.

“Lien knows the most about the situation. She will fill you guys in on the details.”

The only one who knew everything that had happened when Shin was awakening his Spirit was the Shrine Maiden. Therefore, the Clan Master asked her to come out to address the astonished crowd.

“Although I’m not absolutely certain, there is a 99% chance that Shin had indeed awakened The Sovereign Koi, given the unique circumstances his awakening.”

“Tell us everything.”

A raspy voice bellowed from the left of the Clan Master. The Second Elder, who was silent the entire time, finally opened his mouth.

“It started when I sent my spiritual energy into his body. No matter how much I sent in, the then slumbering Spirit did not react to my spiritual energy. Ten minutes in, when his Spirit did not even give a response, I decided to change my approach.”

“Sending in all my spiritual energy, I guided the boy while trying not to overload him. Here comes the second irregularity. No matter how much spiritual energy I provided to him, he was able to withstand it with ease. Granted the amount I supplied was in controlled amounts, but no normal kid would be so nonchalant with that much spiritual energy inside of him.”

“However, that child realised that the method I was employing was not working as his Spirit seemed to be afraid of my spiritual energy. My assumption is that it disliked the fire element and strayed far away. But no regular Spirit would have the ability to do that. If not, I would not have been able to awaken other Spirits such as the Ice Bow another orphan awakened.”

“Heeding his advice, I retracted my spiritual energy and allowed the child to wander his spiritual body alone to find his sleeping Spirit. Amazingly, the idea worked, and he was able to approach the blue light that he saw. Before, when the child was coated with my spiritual energy, it would just evade him like he was the plague.”

“Next, the child reported that he saw a lake in his spiritual body.”

“What? A lake?!”

One of the members gasped. As experts who had lived decades, they all knew how weird it was for a lake to appear in one’s spiritual body.

“Exactly, a lake. I did not know what to think of it at the time, so I just instructed him to dive in. Once he was inside, my connection with him was cut off, and a few moments later, it started to rain inside of the Shrine Room.”

“A cerulean light illuminated the room, and eventually, the child summoned a cerulean coloured Koi. The only possible explanation for all these occurrences is that the Spirit that Shin had awakened is indeed The Sovereign Koi.”


The Shrine Maiden concluded her experience when awakening Shin’s Spirit and was greeted with silence. Everyone in the debate chambers was in deep contemplation.

“If what the Shrine Maiden said is true, then it means that this boy has truly awakened that famous Spirit.”

A yellow-robed old lady remarked. Her grey hair was tied into a bun and was put in place with a crimson phoenix hairpin. Even though the elasticity of her skin was waning, her body was still full of life. Her black-coloured eyes dilated as she looked to the Clan Master.

“Supply Elder, do you know something about it?”

The middle-aged woman seated on the throne asked the Supply Elder.

“Only rumours… I’ve heard that when a child awakens The Sovereign Koi, they will visit the Lake of Celestials. Virtually every Spirit User that contracts The Sovereign Koi will trigger a natural phenomenon. It may seem that the baptism of the Spirit occurs in the material world, but in truth, The Sovereign Koi undergoes its baptism in the Lake of Celestials.”

“The Lake of Celestials? What is that?”

“That I do not know, Clan Master. That information, after all, is just something I have heard through word of mouth. It may not even be true.”

“But you believe that your source is reliable?”

“That I cannot confirm too.”

The Supply Elder vaguely answered the Clan Master’s questions.

“Let’s assume the worst then. This orphan that the First Elder had picked up had indeed awakened The Sovereign Koi, what would be our next course of action?”

The Second Elder interjected with his own question.

“Ash… What do you mean by that?”

The First Elder looked at the old man that had become his worst enemy in the Frie Clan.

“Edward, you should know more than anyone. The Sovereign Koi would cause nothing but trouble for the Frie Clan!”

“Ash, Shin is just a child. We can train him to become a valuable asset to the clan!”

“He will be a liability! I move for a vote to kill the devil spawn.”

The Second Elder used his right to start a vote in the Debate Chamber.


A good number of Frie Clan higher-ups were appalled at the Second Elder’s decision.

“Ash, are you truly that heartless? Are you willing to kill a child just because of his Spirit?”

“It’s not just a Spirit, Edward. It’s THAT SPIRIT!!!!!”

The fiery rage that the Second Elder contained, spilt out.

“Edward, this matter is no longer up for discussion. I have put in a motion for a vote, let the majority decide what they want.”


The First Elder wanted to head up to the deranged old man and punch him until he came to his senses but held back on that urge.

“Senior Ash, I understand how you feel, but this is a life we are talking about. A child’s life. You cannot ask that we leave that to a vote.”

“Clan Master, my decision is final. I am using my right as High Elder of the Frie Clan to put this matter to a vote. Not even you can overturn this.”

Seeing that her words were put on deaf ears, the Clan Master sighed.

“Fine… We shall hear the arguments for and against the execution Shin from the orphan division. I will give the two sides five minutes to prepare.”

“There’s no need Clan Master, my stance is straightforward. The brat has awakened The Sovereign Koi, the calamitous Spirit. There is no need for me to elaborate.”

The Second Elder succinctly concluded his side of the debate with three sentences.


There were some in the audience who nodded alongside the statement made by the Second Elder.

“Since Ash does not need time to prepare, neither do I. Everyone here knows how strong The Sovereign Koi can become. If we manage to train the Spirit Practitioner effectively, the Frie Clan will gain a crazily capable Spirit User. Additionally, Shin and Ariel are training partners. In fact, if all goes well, Shin might even marry into the Frie Clan. Once an offspring is made, no matter what Shin does, it will be for the good of the clan.”

Desperate to ensure the safety of the orphan under him, the First Elder proposed a union between his granddaughter and said child.

“If I may add, this child is exceedingly pure and harbours no ill will towards the Frie Clan. In fact, there seems to be gratitude in his heart. I know because I was inside his spiritual body.”

The Shrine Maiden chipped into the First Elder’s defence.

“Lastly, what would the world think if we kill an innocent boy in cold blood? Even if we assume that we would be able to cover up the execution from the outside world. What implications would it have on our children who know nothing? All they would see is a bunch of old fogeys killing off their friend. I hope you make the right choice.”

The First Elder ended his speech with a guilt trip.

“Now that both sides have presented their arguments let’s proceed with the vote.”

The Clan Master stood up from her throne and gazed into the crowd.

“Before we begin, I would like to remind you the oath that the previous head, my father, had all of you swear…”

Many in the audience gulped. The Clan Master saying that clearly showed that she was against the execution of the child.

“I will commence the vote…”

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