Book 1: The Frie Clan || Chapter 26: Reach for the top! (3)

The Instructor in his current state was something entirely foreign to the orphans. He was always the heroic figure in their hearts, and nothing could faze him. But right now, he was showing a moment of weakness.

“We pledge our allegiance to the Frie Clan!”

Junius stood up straight and gave a salute. After learning of the history of the orphan programme, there was no way any of them would not have been moved. They were just parentless children waiting to be thrown into the jungle. If not for the previous Clan Master, who knows what they could have become.

“We pledge our allegiance to the Frie Clan!”

Following Junius’ lead, Lily gave a salute too.

“““We pledge our allegiance to the Frie Clan!”””

Even Shin and the twins could not help but salute. Hearing what the previous Clan Master was willing to do for their sakes, they immediately felt a close kinship with the deceased man.

“You brats…”

The Instructor rubbed his eyes as he received their salute.

“Okay! Enough of that, all the Frie Clan wants from you is to become strong. Train well. I hope that one day, you guys will be one of the strongest supports of the clan.”

Composing himself, the Instructor grabbed a chair and sat down.

“We won’t let you down, Instructor!”

“I know you won’t… Enough about that, Ella and Emma! Come here, let me inspect your Spirits! I will help you choose a cultivation technique.”

Trying to move on from the previous topic, the Instructors beckoned the twins. Gingerly inching forward, the two girls made their way to the behemoth.

“Mmmm… These Ice Bows seem incredibly unique. Nothing like the Fire Bows members of the Frie Clan awakens. If I am not mistaken, your first ability should be to shoot an ice arrow right?”


“Don’t be shocked. Most bow spirit user’s first ability is to conjure up arrows. It’s nothing hard to deduce.”

“Is that so?”

“Of course! If not, would they use their bows in close combat? The Bow Spirit has traditionally been a long ranged Weapon Spirit. It is highly sought after by the military due to its nature. In fact, one of the Frie Clan’s strongest member uses a Bow Spirit.”

“Really? Who is it?”

Ella questioned with eager eyes. If the elder were to teach them, how great would that be?

“Yeah! Her fifth spirit ability is terrifying. She literally rains down fire and incinerates all that is in her path.”

“Woah, who is she?”

“She’s actually someone you’re quite familiar with. Can you guess?”

Smiling mischievously, the Instructor asked his students to make an assumption on who the mysterious elder was.

“Huh? Someone, we’re familiar with?”

“Who could that be?”

But none of them could even conjure up a guess. After all, the number of Frie Clan elders they have contact with can be counted in one hand.

“She’s the person who gets you up every morning and keeps the order!”


“It can’t be…”

Realising who the Instructor was implying, the children were shocked into disbelief.

“The Headmistress?!?!?!”

The orphans have close relations with three Frie Clan seniors. The First Elder, the Instructor and the Headmistress. The Headmistress is a woman who looked like she was in her forties, but her actual age was a mystery to everyone. Her strict demeanour frightens everyone in the clan. Even the dignified First Elder was not immune to her horror. There was once, the Headmistress chased the old man across the Frie Mountain to reprimand him causing people to assume that she was his senior.

With a feather duster in hand, the Headmistress’ signature move was to push up her glasses with her free hand and lecture anyone who crossed her. None of the orphans could believe that she could be the wielder of a devastating Bow Spirit.

“Maybe one day, you can go to her for pointers!”

The instructor laughed as the twins shivered. If they had a choice, they would avoid the Headmistress at all costs.

“Anyway, I believe there is a water bow elemental cultivation technique in the Clan’s Athenaeum. Use that as a foundation. In the future, when making the breakthrough to Spirit Apostle, you can develop the technique into something that further suits your Ice Bows.”

“Yes, Sir!”

The twins answered in unison. Nodding at the cute little girls, the Instructor turned his attention to the troublemaking black-haired youth.

“As for you, Shin I am unable to help you right now.”


Speechless at his declaration, Shin gave the Instructor a weird look.

“Well, I can’t give you the specifics but, your Spirit is… different. Anyway, when you visit the Clan’s Athenaeum tomorrow, you will understand.”


‘Must you be so vague?’

Verbally, he agreed, but internally, Shin was bewildered by the Instructor’s words.

“That being said, I hope that the three of you will meet me here tomorrow at six. I will bring you to choose your cultivation techniques!”

‘What?! Morning again? Why do the Frie Clan members hate me so much?!’

“Alright, if there is nothing else, you are dismissed! Enjoy the remainder of the Day of Spirits while it lasts. From tomorrow onwards, you will be busting your ass in training!”

“Yes, Sir!”

As he finished his task, the Instructor left the training facility and disappeared into the distance.


Frie Mountain. Residential Area. Second Elder’s Abode. Meeting Hall.

In a chamber not far from the orphan’s abode, an old man dressed in lavish garbs sat quietly atop his chair. Standing in front of him, waiting for his instructions, were his grandson and a number of children ranging from ages ten to twenty.

“Children, sorry for calling you here at this hour.”

“It’s nothing elder!”

“Elder, please don’t apologise for something like that!”


Those nearest to the elder promptly responded to the elder’s apology. Linus, however, was tired from all the commotion caused earlier and was yawning continuously.

“As you all know, today the dreadful orphan division had three of their members awakening their Spirits. Two of them awakened mutated elemental Spirits while the last one had a Spirit that triggered a natural phenomenon!”


“Day by day, they are getting stronger. Before they only had four Spirit Users but today, they have seven. Additionally, all of them have extraordinary talent. The oldest one has already broken through to become a Spirit Apostle.”


“Who is to say that they will not one day become strong and overrun the clan?! I will not sit still idly and wait for that day to come! But the upper management of the clan does not share my intentions. They would prefer to feed those who do not share our blood and forgo the ancient wisdom of our ancestors!”


“So I will need your help. If I were to act against them directly, not even I could escape punishment. But if someone from the same generation fights them, they would be unable to do anything. Will you join me in driving those demon spawns out of our clan?!”


“I knew I could count on all of you. Do me proud. In the next harvest festival, you will carry out my plans. I will call upon you then.”


A patriotic shout echoed through the meeting hall.

“Alright! Dismissed.”

Waving his hand, the Second Elder dissolved the group and went back to his chair.

“Is it truly fine elder? Would this manoeuvre not cause retaliation from the First Elder?”

Hiding in the shadows, a voice questioned the Second Elder’s decision.

“It is necessary… Even if it incurs the wrath of everyone else in the clan, they will one day understand my intentions.”

Cryptically answering the shadow, the Second Elder sighed.

“If not for the previous Clan Master, why would we have deteriorated to this state?”

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