Character Introductions


Updated 1st January 2019


  • Main Character of Spirit Immortal
  • Fifteen years old
  • Black haired, azure eyes boy
  • Orphaned from a young age, was picked up by the Frie Clan to raise
  • Awakened The Sovereign Koi, one of the Eight Scions of Water
  • Has supernatural battle comprehension and ungodly rates of cultivation.

Ariel Frie

  • Scarlet-haired, red eyes girl
  • A childhood friend of Shin’s.
  • Awakened the Lava Warhammer, triggered natural phenomenon while undergoing the Spirit Awakening Ceremony
  • A potent and brash young girl that eventually falls in love with Shin


  • ‘Leader’ of the orphans
  • Viridian-haired youth with a calm and collected mind
  • Awakened the Azure Water Blade


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