Spirit Ranks

HumansSpirit Beasts
Spirit Practitioner (Rank 1 -9) Tier 1 Beasts
Spirit Apostle (Rank 10 – 19) Tier 2 Beasts
Spirit Core (Rank 20 – 29) Tier 3 Beasts
Spirit Adept (Rank 30 – 39) Tier 4 Beasts
Spirit Spectre (Rank 40 – 49) Tier 5 Beasts
Spirit Lord (Rank 50 – 59) Tier 6 Beasts
Spirit King (Rank 60 – 69) Tier 7 Beasts
Spirit Emperor (Rank 70 – 79) Tier 8 Beasts
Spirit Venerate (Rank 80 – 89) Tier 9 Beasts
Spirit Saint (Rank 90 – 99) Primordial Beasts
Spirit Immortal (100-???) Immortal Beasts

Three Great Superpowers

  • Himmel Empire
    • Located in the south of the Terre Continent, the Himmel empire is lead by a line of sovereigns that possess the blood of an ancient Spirit Immortal that transcended mortality to enter the realm above. With an area of over ten million square kilometres, it is one of the largest civilisations in history.
  • Lantis Republic
    • Founded by eight historic clans, unlike the other two great powers, they are located out of the Terre Continent, in an archipelago eastwards. Instead of being led by a line of emperors, a handful of empowered voters cast their ballot to choose their leader. Boasting the biggest and strongest navy in the world, the Lantis Republic is unbeatable at sea.
  • Kori Federation
    • Located on the north of the Terre Continent, the Kori Federation is made up of the remaining grand clans of the world that gathered up to become one of the great powers. Consisting of thirty self-governing states, each clan controls one area in the north.

Eight Scions of Water

  • Monarch of the Oceans, The Colossal Leviathan. Awakened by those from the Jingyu Clan.
  • Champion of the Swamp, The Divine King Serpent. Awakened by those from the Shenshe Clan.
  • Terror of the Seas, The Abominable Cthulhu. Awakened by those from the Zhangyu Clan.
  • Majesty of the Rivers, The Seven-Headed Hydra. Awakened by those from the Qilong Clan.
  • The Beauty of the Arctic, The Enigmatic Narwhal. Awakened by those from the Meijing Clan
  • Devourer of Tides, The Obsidian Xuanwu. Awakened by those from the Heigui Clan.
  • The Emperor of the Lagoon, The Heavenly Sturgeon. Awakened by those from the Xunyu Clan.
  • The Eminence of the Lake, The Sovereign Koi. Awakened by those from the Longyu Clan.

Spirit Tools/Armaments grade

Elementary-grade, intermediate-grade, expert-grade, unique-grade, legendary-grade, mythic-grade and finally, immortal-grade. 

Healer Ranks

Apprentice → Novice Healer → Intermediate Healer → Senior Healer → Registrar → Elder Healer → Divine Healer.

Black Masks

  • Dalits
    • ‘Cleaners’ of the organisation.
    • Are not given any power and were typically treated as disposable tools.
  • Shudras
    • Must be at least in the Rank 30 Spirit Adept realm.
    • Given the standard black mask with no patterns.
    • Most feared class as they are the most active and most ruthless.
  • Vaishyas
    • Must be at least in the Rank 40 Spirit Spectre realm.
    • Will be given a mask with a green snake pattern.
    • Usually would be commanding a cell of Shudras.
  • Kshatriyas
    • Must be at least in the Rank 50 Spirit Lord realm.
    • Granted a mask with a golden crescent moon.
    • Don’t show their faces very often, and prefer to work behind the shadows.
  • Brahmins
    • The known top level in the Black Mask syndicate.
    • Must be at least in the Rank 60 Spirit King realm.
    • Given a mask with a golden tree.
    • Not many have seen a black mask in this level and some even thought that it was a myth.
  • ????

Kori Federation Ranks

The Kori Federation was unlike their two major superpowers. The Himmel Empire had an established line of Imperials that shared the blood of a Spirit Immortal while the Lantis Republic relied on the Eight Ancient Clans of Water. The Kori Federation didn’t have any of that. With thousands of family clans, martial sects and ruffian villages, the Kori Federation allowed each one of the recognised entities to rule over a domain. These entities were called the Houses of Kori.

To enter the Houses of Kori, one must at least have a Rank 50 Spirit Lord governing over them, and they must have at least have a connection with the land that they stood on. Due to the low entry requirements, there were at least a thousand Houses of Kori, and each one had a place in the House of Commons, which governs over the minor laws of the country.

Above the Houses of Kori, were the Core States. Entering this class was much more stringent. Firstly, they were limited to a hundred states and only established Houses, with hundreds of years of history, or significant economic power could firmly remain within the Core States. The Core States votes on vital issues that pertain to the country and wields the authority to mobilise troops for protection of their borders.

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